SM Pack

SM Pack S.p.A. was born from the merger of Soffieria Mezzadri with ViMePack, two companies that have always had deep roots in the primary packaging business for the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food sectors.

The company’s core business is the production and distribution of primary containers suitable for liquid, fluid or powder products and related services, such as sterilisation.

The high quality of the products, the continuous commitment to research and development, the expanding production capacity and our robust presence on all international markets, are our main advantages in term of competitiveness, growth and name recognition.

Our first acquisition was in Spain in May 2014, our second one in Italy in July 2015. Our aim today is to ensure maximum market satisfaction in terms of quality and quantity; therefore, we have decided to invest in new production systems and new control technologies.

Both ampoule production plants feature 12 complete lines; a fleet of installed machines capable of producing over two million pieces daily operating 24 hours a day. The production of the Barcelona plant tends to be dedicated to Central and South America and North Africa. Ampoules for the domestic and Northern European markets are usually produced by our plant in Monza. For years now, both plants have been ISO 15378 certified.

The third plant, a production site as well as the group’s HQ, produces vials and provides sterilisation and depyrogenation service of glass packs, not only internally produced.

Our machine fleet is constantly evolving and expanding, as it is our pharma department, which can handle up to 200 thousand pieces per day packaged in controlled environment, LAF ISO 5 – class A.

Our modern robotic systems reduce to a minimum the contact between the worker and the product, thus ensuring accuracy, repetitiveness and containment of industrial costs.

A well-equipped chemical and microbiological laboratory guarantees a quality monitoring service with a first-class set up. And our entire plant is ISO 15378 certified.