SM Pack

In 1996 we were among the first to obtain the “Certification of Quality” for our products, and today, 21 years later, not only we can count on ISO 9001 Certification but also on ISO 15378 -the integration between the GMP and the ISO 9001, referred only to the manufacturers of packaging materials for pharmaceutical use.

Since then, our “Quality Team” has improved and expanded by adding new employees with a remarkable professional background. Many of them came directly from the Pharmaceutical market and they have guaranteed an important upgrade of the Operational Procedures management, the update of the Quality Handbook, the management of external Audits and the implementation of training plans for workers.

Today, considering our three plants, we can count on 14 people directly committed in the quality process during production, as well as one Quality Assurance Manager assisted by two laboratory technicians.

Every batch manufactured in our plants originates from the creation of a batch record, which will be the record for all the possible events that could happen during the manufacturing process and will be stored for five years after the shipment date.

Every batch has a unique number and it is not possible to create another batch with the same reference. This unique number is used during all the manufacturing process and it appears on every document we issue (order confirmation, delivery note, invoice, box label, pallet label, silkscreen film -when applicable, and certificate of batch conformity.

The numeration used allows us to activate a complete traceability and to track raw materials batch number, to identify times/dates of the beginning/end of the manufacturing process, the production line, the operator name, the QC name, the technician and warehouse worker’s names.

At the end of production, we are able to deliver a certificate of conformity for the batch, which reports all the inspections realized during the process and their results and certifies the use of a specific raw material as well as the parameters set to manufacture the product.

At SM Pack we have been working hard to develop ourselves as a reliable partner in glass primary packaging, for this reason all our staff, no matter the working level, constantly undergo certified training organized by our QA Manager.